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Interactive Option is a subsidiary enterprise of Pegase Capital Limited, which allows traders from different countries to trade binary options that have become popular recently. Traders will find over 100 different assets on the trading platform, and several types of options are intended for trading.

Educational materials of the Academy of Interactive Option are available for beginners in binary options online trading. In the academy, traders will find materials both for the beginning of binary options trading and in-depth analysis of the market in order to increase profits on transactions.

The company Interactive Option also conducts various promotions for traders participating in which they can win impressive cash prizes and bonuses.


The company Interactive Option welcomes all new customers with nice bonuses, which are accrued based on the first deposit. Every customer of the company who has registered with the broker can get the first deposit bonus. After registration, it is necessary to fund a trading account, selecting one of the available methods. As soon as funds are transferred to the account, the company will provide the client of Interactive Option with the bonus whose amount depends on the deposit. Bonus money can be used since their accrual to trade binary options on the market. The company gives customers an opportunity not only to use bonus money in options trading, but also to withdraw funds from the account. It is necessary to close the trade turnover indicated by the broker to withdraw bonus from the personal account. The trade turnover is usually forty times higher than the bonus amount, but there are exceptions.

The promotion Refer a Friend is organized for all traders of the company, and gives an opportunity to receive bonuses for invitation of friends and acquaintances to trade binary options at Interactive Option.

The company periodically holds a tournament for traders, whose total prize pool comprises $50,000. The purpose of the tournament is to get the highest profit while trading binary options. Results are summarized at the end of the contest, and the best traders will be rewarded with prizes.

Distribution of the tournament prize pool:

- the 1st place - Fiat 500 cabriolet

- the 2nd place - weekly trip to Greece for two persons

- the 3rd place - trip to Rome for two persons on the weekend

- the 4th place - iPad.


Clients of Interactive Option who wish to acquire knowledge about binary options can visit the Academy, where various educational materials are collected that allow studying Internet trading at the high level.

Academy of Interactive Option.

1. Basic methods of binary options trading (for beginners):

- briefly about binary options

- Up/Down tactics

- 60 seconds options

- one touch trading

- ladder option

- pair Internet trading.

2. Basics of binary options trading (for beginners):

- history

- advantages of options trading

- easiness of options trading

- high speed of trading

- high profitability

- short-term investments.

3. Rules for binary options trading (for beginners):

- types of options

- selection of options for trading

- selection of assets for trading

- conduction of transaction on the selected asset

- evaluation of option trading efficiency.

4. Trading tools (for experienced traders):

- selection of base asset

- selection of option contract

- forecast for option contract

- conduction of technical analysis

- study of market trends

- reversal patterns on the market

- evaluation of market dynamics

- reversals of trends

- basics of fundamental analysis

- quantitative analysis

- qualitative fundamental analysis

- basic rules for money management

- 8.5% rule

- patience

- market research and entry to it

- diversification of risks

- how to work correctly with financial news

- risk distribution

- what is retracement

- what is hedging

- real examples of binary options trading.

5. Strategies for risk management in binary options trading:

- what is roll-over

- use of roll-over for the minimization of losses

- feature "Redeem me" and its use to increase profits.

6. Risk management in options trading:

- calculation of risks and possible profits

- limitation of losses using roll-over

- limitation of losses using long-term sales of options.

Traders of Interactive Option can also watch interactive video lesson, where trading different types of binary options and selection of assets are discussed. Additionally, traders can watch video tutorials from Natalia Romanova, who explains how to conduct a technical analysis of the market, how to choose assets for trading, when to use certain types of binary options, and how to make transactions on various assets.

Terms of trading

Interactive Option offers traders the following conditions of trading on the global financial market:

- financial tools: securities, commodities, currency pairs and indices

- types of binary options: classic, 60 seconds, one touch, pro trader, constructor

- web platform Interactive Option for options trading

- the minimum deposit is $250

- profit from a transaction is up to 85%

- insurance is available for several types of accounts.

Clients of Interactive Option can choose one of the several accounts offered by the trader for binary options trading:

- Blue

- Silver

- Gold

- Platinum.

Trading account Blue:

- the minimum deposit is $250

- the maximum deposit is $999.

Trading account Silver:

- the minimum deposit is $1,000

- the maximum deposit is $4,499

- weekly financial analysis

- three free webinars

- one trading signal by e-mail

- VIP store is available.

Trading account Gold:

- the minimum deposit is $4,500

- the maximum deposit is $9,999

- financial analysis - 2 times per week

- five free webinars

- 3 trading signals by SMS

- market signals are available

- personal manager is available

- VIP store is available.

Trading account Platinum:

- the minimum deposit is $10,000

- the maximum deposit is $49,999

- daily financial analysis

- free webinars are unlimited

- trading signals are unlimited

- market signals are available

- personal manager is available

- VIP store is available.

Forex indicators (for binary options)


- Ma crossover signal

- Trend Filter

- ParabolicRegression StopAndReverse

- MTF Candles.

The above-mentioned Forex technical indicators allow traders to perform high-quality technical analysis, identifying incipient trends or their reversals, and this in turn will greatly help traders to trade binary options on the website of Interactive Option. Forex indicators are available for use on the trading platform Meta Trader 4.

Binary options strategy

- Martingale is one of the easiest strategies for binary options, as it uses a fairly well-known Martingale method. According to this method, traders after each failed transaction should increase the sum of the next transaction twice, i.e. bets will grow exponentially. When traders use this strategy, they receive profits in most cases after 4-5 transactions, paying off previous failed transactions.

- hedging is a common method to minimize risks, but it can also be used in binary options trading. Traders just need to open transactions in opposite directions simultaneously, and one transaction will be surely profitable, which should compensate for losses from the other transaction.

- moving averages is a strategy based on analysis of moving averages, which quite accurately indicate the beginning and the reversal of the trend. It is recommended that traders should use the technical indicator RSI, which will ultimately give an accurate forecast on the certain asset, allowing traders to conclude a profitable transaction on binary options.

Technical indicators, used in strategies, are developed for the trading platform Meta Trader 4, where all traders usually carry out technical analysis of the market, as trading platforms for binary options do not have this function in most cases.

Unique features

Traders of Interactive Option have a unique opportunity to earn money without risk by joining an affiliate program of the company. Members of the affiliate program are engaged in attracting new customers. In the future, partners will receive from the broker monthly commissions from the total trade turnover of referred customers.

Interactive Option offers its traders a variety of advertising materials for efficient work on the affiliate program, and conducts training, if necessary.

In the near future, Interactive Option is going to open a VIP-club. Members of the VIP-club will have different privileges, participate in exclusive promotions and receive debit card of Interactive Option from the company. This card will allow traders to perform operations on trading accounts as soon as possible.

Add/withdraw funds

Traders of Interactive Option are able to fund their trading accounts in the following ways: Visa, Master Card, Moneybookers and bank transfers.


Traders can use online chat, feedback form, which is present on its official website and phone +74-999-187-111 to contact employees of the technical support of Interactive Option.

Cons and pros

+ the famous binary options broker

+ a wide range of option types

+ Academy for the study of Internet trading

+ deposit Forex bonus

+ tournament for traders with valuable prizes.

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