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The company Alta Vista Trading Limited opened the trading platform IQ Option in 2013, where traders were able to trade various assets using binary options. IQ Option has been tending to provide traders with the best brokerage services, introducing innovations since its foundation. This allowed the company to get an award called the Most Innovative Binary Option Broker at the international exhibition ShowFx World, held in Moscow, during the first year of operation.

The Head Office of IQ Option is located in Seychelles, and its activities are regulated by FMRRC.

Nowadays IQ Option is actively developing and offering traders a huge number of video tutorials about binary options, several kinds of options to trade numerous assets. In addition, customers of IQ Option are able to get insurance for unprofitable transactions, whose maximum amount comprises 15%.

Both free and fee-based tournaments with drawing of cash prizes are regularly held for traders.


The broker IQ Option provides bonuses on the first and secondary deposits. Traders can receive bonuses of up to 100% depending on the type of trading account and the sum of deposit. The maximum deposit for a real account is 80%, and it is 100% for VIP-account. The bonus is accrued immediately after depositing funds into the account. It can be used for trading different assets and any types of binary options. This bonus can also be withdrawn from the account, but traders need to make a trade turnover indicated by the broker, which primarily depends on the amount of the obtained bonus.

All customers of the broker may become participants of tournaments, where good cash prizes are drawn. Tournaments are held regularly. The duration of the tournaments is 30 minutes. Traders, who have received the highest profit on options during the tournament, will become winners. Distribution of the prize pool is made by the broker in accordance with the tables below.

Tournament on binary options with free registration (the total prize pool is $250):

- the 1st place - $80

- the 2nd place - $48.50

- the 3rd place - $35

- the 4th place - $27.50

- the 5th place - $20

- the 6th place - $15

- the 7th place - $10

- the 8th place - $7.50

- the 9th place - $6.25.

Tournament on binary options with $5 registration (the total prize pool is $500):

- the 1st place - $160

- the 2nd place - $97.50

- the 3rd place - $70

- the 4th place - $55

- the 5th place - $40

- the 6th place - $30

- the 7th place - $20

- the 8th place - $15

- the 9th place - $12.50.


The broker IQ Option has published on its website a large number of video tutorials dedicated to binary options trading and trading strategies relating to them. All traders can get the required video tutorials for free and, if necessary, contact employees of IQ Option, who will answer all questions.

Educational video materials that are devoted to binary options trading.

1. Everything about binary options:

- what are binary options

- what are basic advantages of options

- basic types of assets that are used in options trading

- rules for online binary options trading

- 60 seconds

- classic options

- making forecasts for options

- options trading on the foreign exchange market

- shares Internet trading

- futures Internet trading

- indices Internet trading

- how to invest in options correctly

- how to calculate possible profits on options.

2. Rules for market analysis:

- major types of market analysis

- basics of technical analysis

- support and resistance levels

- what is trend, and what traders can do using it

- search for up-trends on charts

- search for down-trends on charts

- basics of fundamental analysis

- indices that influence rise and fall of prices on the market

- influence of financial news on the behavior of the market

- main conclusions concerning both types of market analysis.

3. Advices for traders relating to Internet trading:

- fear as the main factor of unprofitable trading

- basic principles of struggling with fear

- how greed influences profits of traders

- efficient ways to struggle with greed

- how to calculate possible risks while trading binary options

- how to manage capital and increase it correctly and effectively.

4. Trading strategies for binary options:

- Internet trading of the option Up

- Internet trading of the option Down

- Internet trading of the option In Boundary

- Internet trading of the option Out Boundary

- strategy for options that is based on using important news

- strategy with the use of line chart

- strategy for binary options trading that uses oscillations

- strategy that is based on trends.

The broker IQ Option allows all clients to use demo accounts for binary options trading. Initially the sum of 1,000 virtual dollars is reserved on a demo account. Opening of a free demo account will allow traders to get good experience without risking their own finances. On the demo account it is also possible to test trading strategies for binary options and check their efficiency.

Terms of trading

IQ Option offers its traders the following conditions of trading on the global financial markets:

- financial tools: shares, commodities, currency pairs and indices

- types of binary options: classic (cash-or-nothing), turbo options (60 seconds)

- web platform IQ Option for options trading

- the minimum deposit is $10

- profit from a transaction is up to 92%

- insurance is available for several types of accounts.

Traders need to fill in an application form on the website of the broker to open a trading account on IQ Option, and then they should wait for an e-mail from the support service. The e-mail will contain a link, which activates a trading account, and then it can be funded in one of the possible ways. As soon as the account is funded, traders will be able to start trading options of available types.

Trading accounts of IQ Option:

- Real

- VIP.

Trading account Real:

- the minimum deposit is $10

- deposit bonus is up to 80%

Trading account VIP:

- the minimum deposit is $500

- deposit bonus is up to 100%.

Forex indicators (for binary options)

- Ma crossover signal

- MTF Candles

- ParabolicRegression StopAndReverse


- Trend Filter.

The above-mentioned Forex indicators are trend and can be used only on the trading platform Meta Trader 4. If you use them wisely, they can be useful in analysis of the market, which will allow trading various assets, choosing the necessary options, and getting a good profit.

Binary options strategy

- in sideways trading is a strategy for binary options trading, which involves the use of Stochastic oscillators and indicator RSI, but only for sideways trend. This strategy demonstrates efficiency in trading in time frames more than 15 minutes. Exactly technical Forex indicators show the minimum and maximum of the market, allowing traders to use them while trading binary options.

- trendlines is a strategy for binary options that will suit beginners, as it is very easy to use it. This strategy can be used in any time frame, but it requires the trading terminal Meta Trader 4. Market research is conducted in the time frame H1, but the decision to open transactions on binary options is made based on the time frame M15. This strategy is suitable for many types of binary options.

- ADX and Bollinger is a strategy where Bollinger Bands and the technical Forex indicator ADX are used, as it is clear from its name. The usage of these Forex technical indicators allows traders to trade classic options effectively.

The described strategies can be used to trade binary options, but since all of them are based on technical indicators used on Meta Trader 4, traders need to download it and set it up for trading assets.

Unique features

IQ Option provides its customers with a unique opportunity to insure money while trading binary options. Insurance mainly depends on the activity of traders and their total trade turnover for the last month. On the basis of the monthly trade turnover traders are provided with insurance, and in case of funds loss in trading options, they can return a certain percentage of money.

Insurance payments for unprofitable transactions:

1. Classic options:

- insurance is 10% in case of monthly turnover up to 10,000,000 dollars

- insurance is 15% in case of monthly turnover over 10,000,000 dollars.

2. Turbo options:

- insurance is 10% in case of turnover from 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 dollars

- insurance is 15% in case of turnover over 10,000,000 dollars.

The broker IQ Option allows traders to earn income becoming members of its affiliate program. The main purpose of the partners is to refer new customers by all legal means. Broker provides partners with all necessary advertising materials free of charge, and, if necessary, conducts training. In the future, partners receive a steady profit from referred customers, i.e. a commission of 3% of the total trade turnover.

Add/withdraw funds

IQ Option offers its traders the following methods to deposit and withdraw funds from trading accounts: Web Money, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Master Cared, Visa and moneta.ru.


The broker IQ Option provides all its customers with the comprehensive support 24 hours a day by e-mail [email protected] and by phone 7 (495) 668-06-33.

Cons and pros

+ the fast-growing binary options broker

+ many various assets for trading

+ many learning materials

+ daily contests for traders with cash prizes

+ deposit bonuses

- small range of binary options.

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