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The trading platform Regal Options started its operations in 2014 and its founder was the company PM Investment Capital Limited. The trading platform supports English, Russian and German and enables clients from different countries to trade a large number of assets selecting the desired options for that.

If any trader needs to study binary options trading, he can go through educational materials, published on the trading platform Regal Options or visit webinars that are conducted by professional teachers. Webinars are held regularly. Traders can find both free and fee-based webinars among them. If desired, traders can order individual webinars, but their price is much higher.

Promotions are constantly held on the website of Regal Options. They are regularly updated. The first deposit bonus for new customers is always available and its maximum size can exceed 100%.


Regal Options regularly organizes various promotions for traders. Traders have the opportunity to win cash prizes and valuable gifts taking part in them. New customers can count on the welcome first deposit bonus.

The first deposit or welcome bonus is available for new clients of Regal Options and readers of Casinoz. Its size significantly depends on the type of the trading account and deposited sum.

Accrual of the first deposit bonus:

- deposit is up to 499 dollars - bonus is 30%

- deposit is up to 999 dollars - bonus is 50%

- deposit is up to 4,999 dollars - bonus is 75%

- deposit is up to 9,999 dollars - individual bonus according to the agreement with employees.

The first deposit bonus is credited by the brokerage company to new customers on their trading accounts. Bonus funds can be used in options trading and employees of the company will explain to traders, which trading volume should be closed while trading different types of assets to withdraw money from the accounts.

The promotion Favorite Asset is held for all customers of Regal Options. All you need to do is just to fund your trading account, contact employees of the company and tell the password. After performing these actions the customer is provided with the 100% bonus on the amount he transferred to his account, but it can be used to trade only the selected asset.


Traders and readers of Casinoz can acquire deep knowledge of binary options trading, taking advantage of educational materials or visiting numerous webinars that are conducted both for free and for fees on the trading platform Regal Options.

Learning materials about binary options trading.

1. Binary options trading:

- how to open a trading account

- how to quickly fund an account

- how to choose an asset for further options trading

- how to choose a correct position

- how to determine the size of transition

- how to conduct a transaction on one of the selected types of binary options.

2. E-book on options trading:

- what are binary options

- what are advantages of options trading compared to spot trading

- what are forward contracts

- types of assets that are used in options trading

- types of binary options

- technical analysis of the market

- fundamental analysis of the market

- basic techniques that lead to profitable binary options trading

- money management in options trading

- glossary of terms that should be known for binary options trading.

3. Webinars on binary options:

- introduction to binary options (level 1, free of charge)

- hedging (level 1, fee is 500 dollars)

- Elliott waves and their proper use (level 1, fee is 500 dollars)

- trend, forex indicators and moving averages (level 1, fee is 500 dollars)

- Ichimoku (level 1, fee is 500 dollars)

- Ichimoku signals (level 2, fee is 500 dollars)

- Fibonacci levels (level 2, fee is 500 dollars)

- Aroon indicator (level 2, fee is 500 dollars)

- technical indicators (level 2, fee is 500 dollars)

- analysis of different periods of time (level 2, fee is 500 dollars)

- efficient trading on news (level 3, fee is 500 dollars)

- gaps in options trading (level 3, fee is 500 dollars)

- basics of fundamental analysis (level 3, fee is 500 dollars)

- simple trading strategies for binary options (level 3, fee is 500 dollars)

- complex strategies for binary options (level 3, fee is 500 dollars).

If any trader wants to have the individual webinar with the teacher and ask all his questions relating to binary options trading, he can pay extra $300 and get an individual webinar.

Terms of trading

Regal Options offers its traders the following conditions of trading on the global financial markets:

- financial tools: shares, commodities, currency pairs and indices

- types of binary options: digital, 60 seconds, one touch, no touch, constructor

- trading platform Regal Options for binary options

- the minimum deposit is $200

- profit from a transaction is up to 81%

- feature "Doubling" - increase in amount of transaction when it is already conducted

- feature "Extend" - the possibility of extending the conducted transaction

- feature "Close" - the possibility of closing a transaction before the closing date.

The trading platform Regal Options offers traders to start binary options trading opening one of the available accounts:

- Basic

- Amber

- Platinum

- VIP.

Trading account Basic:

- the minimum deposit is $200

- the maximum deposit is $499

- the first deposit bonus is 30%

- guide for options trading.

Trading account Amber:

- the minimum deposit is $500

- the maximum deposit is $999

- the first deposit bonus is 50% (limited offer)

- guide for options trading

- number of risk-free transactions - 1

- personal manager - 3 lessons

- trading signals - 14 days for free.

Trading account Platinum:

- the minimum deposit is $1,000

- the maximum deposit is $4,999

- the first deposit bonus is 75% (limited offer)

- guide for options trading

- number of risk-free transactions - 3

- personal manager - 5 lessons

- trading signals - 1 month for free.

Trading account VIP:

- the minimum deposit is $5,000

- the maximum deposit is $9,999

- the first deposit bonus is an individual bonus agreed with employees of the company

- guide for options trading

- number of risk-free transactions - 5

- intensive education with the personal manager - 1 week

- trading signals - 3 months for free

- fundamental analysis from experts is available.

Forex indicators (for binary options)

- Ind TD DeMark

- Day Implus

- Moving Average

- Ind TD DeMark

- VininI LRMA color.

To analyze the market, traders mainly use Forex indicators that are capable of indicating pivot points of trends, end or beginning of trends. But since most of the technical indicators have been developed for the trading platform Meta Trader 4, you will need to download it, because they are not running on the trading platforms for binary options.

Binary options strategy

- Martingale is a very simple strategy that is used by some traders to trade binary options. The major task in this strategy is to choose the asset, and then to can conduct transactions on it, starting with the least possible amount. After the transaction, the trader has two options. In the first option, if the transaction is unprofitable, it is necessary to raise bets and keep doing it till the victory. Moreover, the increase in bets should be strictly exponential. In case of the second option, if the transaction is profitable, you should start again from the lowest bet.

- Hedging is a kind of strategy for binary options as it allows traders to make profits on oppositely directed transactions using one of the selected assets. Traders need to conduct transactions on the selected asset in different directions. In this case, one of them will surely make a profit, covering all losses on transactions made in the other direction.

- Triple moving is a strategy used by traders for binary options trading. According to this strategy, they should analyze the market using Japanese candlesticks and Forex technical indicator Moving Average. They will allow traders to find start, end and pivot points of trends, and this can be used for binary options trading.

Traders often use different strategies in binary options trading, but many of them are usually based on operations with Forex indicators. Since most of them can operate on the platform Meta Trader 4, but not on the other trading platforms for binary options, traders will need to download it and install the desired indicators.

Unique features

Traders who trade on the site Regal Options can take advantage of its unique offers that will allow them to earn extra income. Extra income can be earned by becoming an active member of the affiliate program.

Members of the affiliate program have to refer new customers to the site Regal Options for trading binary options. To refer new clients, the brokerage company will provide partners with a variety of advertising materials and support from its staff.

The successful activities of the partners will bring them good commission fees from the brokerage company. Commission fees are credited when referred customers will close certain trading volumes for a month. Since the company charges small interest rates for trading, it is ready to give a part of its profits to partners, i.e. to pay them commission fees. The higher volume is closed by customers, referred by the partner, the higher commission he will receive.

Add/withdraw funds

Clients of Regal Options can use the following methods to make deposits and withdraw money from their accounts: Neteller, Union Pay, cashU, Wire Transfer, Master Card and Visa.


Customers who are trading on the trading platform Regal Options may contact professionals for the support service and ask them any questions at any time. You can contact the staff of the support service by e-mail [email protected], in online chat or via international phone number + 1-646-233-28-39.

Cons and pros

+ new trading platform on binary options

+ a wide range of different options for trading

+ a wide range of assets

+ many educational materials

+ free and fee-based webinars

+ deposit Forex bonus.

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