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The company SwiftOption occupies one of the leading places among brokers that offer trading binary options. The company is headquartered in the Seychelles, and its website and trading platform are available in English, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

Newcomers will find a large number of educational materials on the official website of the company. They will help traders to significantly improve their skills in binary options trading, as it will enable them to start successful and profitable trading.

The company SwiftOption has prepared the first deposit bonuses for all new customers, and regular clients can always use loyalty bonuses.


The company SwiftOption welcomes new customers with the first deposit bonus. The first deposit bonus can vary from 30% to 75%, depending on the type of the trading account. The bonus of 30% of the deposited amount is offered if traders open Mini and Standard Accounts. VIP bonus of 75% is given while opening an account. Bonus funds can be used to trade any asset on the trading platform SwiftOption. Bonus money can be withdrawn from the account if traders close the trade turnover, indicated by the brokerage company.

The company SwiftOption also offers its customers access to loyalty bonuses, which range from 30% to 100%. The bonus amount depends on the activity of the trader in binary options trading and the company determines it individually for each account.


Sufficient amount of educational materials have been published on the official website of SwiftOption, which enable novice traders to learn options trading at the high level.

Educational materials about binary options trading.

1. Guide for options for novice traders:

- what are binary options

- how to start trading binary options

- how to open a trading account

- how to select an asset for trading

- how to determine the forecast of a transaction

- selection of expiry times

- determination of the transaction size

- expiration date of an option, results of the transaction.

2. Technical analysis of the market and its tools:

- what is technical analysis and how to use it

- Bollinger Bands and how to use them for analysis

- us of RSI (relative strength index) for analysis of the market

- moving averages, their convergence and divergence

- Raff regression channels or linear regression

3. Fundamental analysis of the market:

- economic calendar

- important news and its influence on the market

- forecasts and comparison with real indices

- relevant currencies.

3. Types of binary options:

- Turbo

- Range

- Digital

- Touch

- One Touch.

4. Video tutorials about binary options:

- introduction to options trading

- binary options and their advantages

- global stock exchanges and markets

- rules for binary options trading

- how to correctly distribute risks in options trading

- let's calculate chances for success

- mental preparation to binary options trading

- what is trend

- types of analysis that are used for binary options trading

- support and resistance levels

- basic rules for passive trading

- basic rules for aggressive trading

- three white soldiers

- breakout

- downside gap three

- engulfing

- harami

- shooting star.

5. Video course for advanced users:

- binary options and financial tools

- analysis of the market

- psychology of Internet trading

- basic rules for money management in binary options trading

- general rules that are used for basic technical analysis

- general rules that are used for in-depth technical analysis

- selection of highly efficient strategies for binary options.

6. E-book for the study of binary options trading

- briefky about binary options

- how to start trading binary options

- study of basic techniques for options trading

- trading tools and their correct use

- rules for trading

- psychology of options trading

- several advices for profitable binary options trading

- terminology relating to binary options.

Terms of trading

SwiftOption offers traders the following conditions of trading on the global financial markets and exchanges:

- financial tools: indices, commodities, currency pairs an securities

- types of binary options: turbo (60 seconds), touch, one touch, range, digital

- trading platform SwiftOption for binary options

- the minimum deposit is $250

- profit from a transaction is up to 85%

- insurance is available for several types of accounts.

The brokerage company SwiftOption offers its traders to select on of three available accounts for binary options trading:

- Mini

- Standard

- VIP.

Trading account Mini:

- the minimum deposit is 7,500 rubles

- the first deposit bonus is 30%

- loyalty bonus is 30%

- technical analysis - 1 time per day

- account manager is available

- basic package of video tutorials

Trading account Standard:

- the minimum deposit is 30,000 rubles

- the first deposit bonus is 30%

- loyalty bonus is 75%

- technical analysis - 2 times per day

- professional manager is available

- full package of video tutorials

- five lessons with analytics.

Trading account VIP:

- the minimum deposit is 30,0000 rubles

- the first deposit bonus is 75%

- loyalty bonus is 100%

- technical analysis - 2 times per day

- financial expert is available

- full package of video tutorials

- unlimited number of lessons with analytics

- advanced charts are available

- trading signals are available

- webinars are available.

Forex indicators (for binary options)

- Moving Average

- Day Implus

- Ind TD DeMark

- VininI LRMA color

- Ind TD DeMark.

Forex indicators are used to analyze the market, but this can be done just on the trading platform Meta Trader 4, as they do not operate on the platforms for binary options. Indicators enable traders to find very precisely incipient trends, their reversals, allowing traders to use this information for binary options trading.

Binary options strategy

- hedging is one of the simplest strategies that allows traders to make profits while trading binary options. They just need to make opposite transactions on one of the assets, and in this case one of these transactions will surely be profitable, covering losses of the second transaction and bringing a small profit.

- Triple moving is a strategy that allows users to trade binary options and receive a profit, as it implies analysis of the market with the help of indicators Moving Average and Japanese candlesticks. These tools enable traders to accurately determine the beginning of a trend or its possible reversal, which will certainly be applied to binary options, such as classic options or 60 seconds.

- Martingale is a very simple strategy that can be used even by novice traders. The goal of the strategy for binary options is making the bets on selected assets exponentially. The increase of bets occurs after each transaction that is unprofitable. When any bet wins, the trader should start again from the lowest bet.

Unique features

The company SwiftOption offers clients a unique opportunity, using which they can receive extra income from binary options without any risk. Such a possibility is provided by an affiliate program of SwiftOption. The main goal of the program is to attract new customers to the company. The company provides its members with all the necessary marketing materials in order to refer new clients. Partners can take advantage of free education, which is held by assigned managers. Additional revenue consists of commission fees that the company pays partners depending on the total trade turnover of all customers referred by them. Accordingly, the higher is the number of referred customers, and the more actively they trade on the world's financial markets, the higher are their extra earnings.

Add/withdraw funds

The company SwiftOption offers its traders several ways to fund their accounts, and withdraw money from them. There are the following methods to deposit and withdraw funds: Yandex Money, Neteller, Visa, moneta.ru, Master Card, Web Money and bank transfers.


Customers of SwiftOption may apply to the support service concerning any question via online chat, a feedback form present on the website of the broker and by phone +7-499-918-61-91.

Cons and pros

+ the world renowned binary options broker

+ a great range of assets

+ a wide range of options for trading

+ many educational materials

+ deposit Forex bonus.

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