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The company TradeRush started its activities in 2011.Its Head Office is located in Gibraltar. International representative offices of TradeRush are situated in many countries of the world, namely, Bahrain, Japan, Russia, the UK, India and Singapore. The company received a license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission to provide online brokerage services.

TradeRush provides all users with various materials about binary options that directly affect their future profits.

A wide range of financial tools for trading using different types of options, which traders can choose, are available on the site of TradeRush.

The company TradeRush regularly holds promotions for its clients, and they can receive guaranteed bonuses, other prizes and privileges.

New customers receive the first deposit bonus, which will be available for trading binary options immediately after depositing funds into the personal account.


TradeRush regularly holds various promotions, where all clients can obtain bonuses.

The first deposit bonus is only available for new customers of TradeRush. It is easy to get the first deposit bonus. Traders need to register as clients of TradeRush opening accounts and funding them with one of the methods offered by the broker. The value of the bonus depends on the deposit. The broker offers the highest bonus most of the time, which equals to 50%, but it periodically arranges promotions when it reaches 100%. Traders can use bonus money as soon as they receive it. In addition, the bonus is available for withdrawal after meeting the requirements of TradeRush. According to the rules for these promotions, it is necessary to close a trade turnover on the market, which will be thirty times higher than the bonus. For instance, a trader wins the first deposit bonus of $500. He can use $500 to trade binary options in addition to his funds present on the account. This sum may be withdrawn after closing a trade turnover of $15,000.

From time to time TradeRush holds promotions where any trader of the company can get bonuses for the repeated replenishment of the account or request a loan. Conditions for their receipt are not similar, so the broker publishes information about them on its website and informs its customers by e-mail.

New customers are able to conduct risk-free transactions. Risk-free transactions are transactions when the trader trades without any risk, i.e. even in case of loss of funds on the market due to the wrong forecast, they will be returned to his account.


TradeRush provides traders with free educational materials that will enable them to understand binary options, their advantages and how to trade them making a profit.

Educational materials about binary options trading.

1. Interactive course on binary options for novice traders:

- what are binary options

- technical analysis of the market

- fundamental analysis of the market

- how to manage money in options trading

- emotions while trading and how to control them

- full guide for binary options trading on the platform TradeRush.

2. Video tutorials that allow studying binary options trading:

A) courses for novice traders:

- what is the essence of binary options

- basic advantages of binary options

- what markets are available for binary options trading

- chances for success in options trading

- possible risks in options trading

- money management in binary options trading

- emotion management in options trading.

B) courses for experienced traders:

- trends and one more time trends

- use of support and resistance levels for binary options

- basics of technical analysis relating to binary options

- fundamental analysis and binary options

- what is a passive approach to trading binary options

- what is an aggressive approach to trading binary options

- downside breakout pattern

- harami pattern

- shooting star pattern

- three white soldiers pattern

- engulfing pattern

- breakout pattern.

C) Types of binary options:

- classic options

- 60 seconds

- one touch

- pro option

- constructor.

3. E-book on binary options:

- what is TradeRush

- what are binary options

- types of binary options

- history of appearance of binary options

- classic trading

- study of Internet trading

- differences between classic trading and binary options trading

- binary options trading

- what are classic options

- what are 60 seconds options

- what are one touch options

- study of different types of binary options trading

- what are pro options

- examples of pro options trading

-how to open a trading account on TradeRush

- how to fund a trading account on TradeRush

- how to start trading on TradeRush

- features of trading on TradeRush in detail.

4. Interactive demo video in binary options trading.

5. Real examples of binary options trading:

- classic options (video)

- 60 seconds (video)

- one touch (video)

- pro option (video)

- constructor of options (video).

6. Glossary of terms on binary options.

Terms of trading

TradeRush offers traders the following conditions of trading on the global financial market:

- financial tools: shares, commodities, currency pairs and indices

- types of binary options: classic, 60 seconds, one touch, pro trader, constructor

- web platform TradeRush for options trading

- the minimum deposit is $250

- profit from a transaction is up to 85%

- insurance is provided for several types of accounts.

Trading account on TradeRush can be opened in several stages:

- opening a trading account

- activation of a trading account

- replenishment of a trading account.

When traders fund their trading accounts, they are able to choose the most attractive conditions of trading binary options, as these conditions directly depend on the first deposit.

Forex indicators (for binary options)

- Ma crossover signal

- MTF Candles

- ParabolicRegression StopAndReverse


- Trend Filter.

The above-mentioned Forex indicators can be used on the trading platform Meta trader 4 for technical analysis and identification of trends. They don't operate on the trading platform TradeRush. Technical analysis of the market is unavailable on it.

Binary options strategy

- trendlines is a quite simple strategy for binary options. It can be used not only by experienced traders, but also by newcomers in online trading. The strategy consists in analyzing the market in the time frame H1, but the time-frame M15 should be used for operations with binary options. This strategy is suitable for most types of options.

- trend strategy is one of the simplest strategies for binary options. Market analysis is carried out with the help of Forex trend indicators on Meta Trader 4, and transactions are made while identifying trends. This strategy is suitable for one touch, classic and 60 seconds options.

- sideways strategy is designed to trade in sideways trends, as its name implies. As soon as a sideways trend is determined, it is necessary to use indicators Stochastic and RSI, which help traders to find the lowest and highest points of the trend, which in turn will allow conducting profitable transactions. This strategy is suitable for classic, one touch and 60 seconds options.

All strategies for binary options are designed to operate directly with technical Forex indicators that can be used on the trading platform Meta Trader 4, as the majority of platforms for binary options trading do not support them.

Unique features

An affiliate program can be mentioned among the unique features of TradeRush, as it allows clients to receive an income from the binary options without any risk associated with trading. The main direction of the affiliate program is to refer new customers to TradeRush. Any trader of the company may become a partner of TradeRush. Partners of the company are provided with all the necessary free advertising materials that allow attracting new customers with high efficiency. Partners receive commission fees from the broker for referred customers, which are calculated on a strictly individual basis. The value of the commission depends on how many customers are referred by a partner and their monthly trade turnover.

Add/withdraw funds

Clients of TradeRush can use the following methods to fund accounts and withdraw funds from them: Liberty Reserve, Sofort, NETELLER, CashU, Diners Club, MoneyBookers, Web Money, QIWI, Mastrer Card, Visa and bank transfers.


The company TradeRush provides its clients with the comprehensive support concerning all questions by e-mail [email protected], via online chat or by phone +7 (495) 669-42-38.

Cons and pros

+ the international binary options broker

+ a wide range of various options for trading

+all basic types of assets are available for trading

+ many educational materials

+ deposit Forex bonus

+ good technical support.

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