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The trading platform TraderWorld is fully licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. TraderWorld is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus.

The trading platform TraderWorld allows traders to trade various assets on international stock exchanges and markets, using the most popular options to make transactions. If any trader has doubts concerning his abilities and wants to have additional training of binary options trading, he can do this by familiarizing himself with educational materials published on TraderWorld.

New customers can take advantage of risk-free transactions that will save their money on the account. When the customer opens a trading account, TraderWorld is willing to provide him with the first deposit bonus in the amount of 25% of the deposited amount.


The trading platform TraderWorld is ready to offer favorable conditions for opening an account to new customers and certain benefits associated with it.

The 25% first deposit bonus is constantly available for new customers of TraderWorld and readers of casinoz.me. To receive the first deposit bonus, the client should completely register an account and to make a request. As soon as employees contact the customer, they will tell him about a kind of bonus he or she can expect to obtain. Its amount will largely depend on the customer's first deposit. At the initial stage customers cannot use their bonuses. They will be located on a separate account. To release bonus funds, traders will have to start trading binary options actively. As soon as they close the trading volume indicated by the employees of the company, they may submit a request for the withdrawal of bonus funds. As soon as the trader's application is approved, he can use the first deposit bonus at his own discretion, i.e. he can either withdraw it from the personal account or use it for binary options trading.

Risk-free transactions are only available for new customers of TraderWorld. They are provided for traders in order to prevent them from losing significant amounts of their own funds while making the first transactions. According to the terms and conditions of risk-free transactions, traders can conclude any transactions on the market, using any options and selecting various assets for trading. If these transactions are unprofitable, the company ensures that all funds invested in them will be returned. All new customers are provided with five risk-free transactions. They are valid only for the first five unprofitable transactions. However it is prohibited to open multidirectional transactions for one asset, since in this case the company cancels all the results and risk-free transactions.

The broker constantly organizes the promotion Refer a Friend. All traders can take part in it. The main task of participants is to refer new customers. The participant of this promotion will receive a $50 bonus for each new customer referred to the trading platform TraderWorld. However to get this bonus, the newly referred customer should open an account, fund it, and start trading binary options. As soon as these requirements are fulfilled by the participants of the promotion, bonuses will be credited to the personal accounts. The number of bonuses provided by the promotion Refer a Friend is unlimited.


The trading platform TraderWorld provides traders with educational materials, which are available on its official website. Learning materials will help novice traders to master the basics of binary options trading, and experienced traders will be able to get acquainted with the intricacies of fundamental and technical analysis, as well as strategies for binary options.

Educational materials on binary options trading.

1. The brief description of binary options:

- what are binary options

- advantages of binary options compared to spot trading

- basic types of binary options

- assets that are used in options trading and how to use them.

2. Video tutorials on binary options:

- a review of the trading platform TraderWorld

- rules for trading on the platform TraderWorld

- binary options and their advantages

- how to open positions on the trading platform

- how to close positions, and results of options trading

- 60 second option

- one touch option

- classic option

- long-term option

- trading tools that are used in binary options

- how to double up positions

- what is rollover and how to make it

- examples of trading using various types of options.

3. Interactive courses on binary options trading:

A) Binary options:

- what are binary options

- basic methods used for binary options trading

- types of options and their selection for trading

- assets that should be chosen for options trading.

B) Psychology of Internet trading:

- emotions that are typical for traders involved in options trading


- how to create a trading plan and how to follow it

- how to control emotions while trading.

C) Analysis of the market:

-trading charts, and how to read them

- basics of technical analysis

- most common Forex indicators that are used in binary options trading

- basics of fundamental analysis

- financial news and their use in options trading.

D) financial management:

- trader's capital

- distribution of funds in binary options trading

- calculation of possible losses and gains from binary options trading

- calculation of bet sizes for binary options transactions.

4. E-books on binary options:

A) Trading platform TraderWorld:

- a review of the platform

- basic types of options that are available on the platform

- types of assets

- rules for the conclusion of transactions on the platform

- additional features of the trading platform (double up, rollover, sell).

B) Binary options and trading:

- types of options and how to make transactions on them

- selection of options for various assets

- rules for trading with various types of options

- strategies that are often used in binary options trading.

C) In-depth market analysis:

- technical analysis

- types of charts

- Japanese candlesticks and their use in options trading

- relative strength index (RSI)

- support and resistance levels

- popular Forex indicators.

Terms of trading

TraderWorld offers traders the following conditions of trading on the global financial market:

- financial tools: shares, commodities, currency pairs, and indices

- types of binary options: 60 second, one touch, pairs

- trading platform TraderWorld for binary options

- the minimum deposit is $200

- profit from a transaction is 83%

- insurance is provided for new customers.

Traders are able to open a personal account on the trading platform TraderWorld. This procedure does not take much time. The client will need to fill in a short application form in which it is necessary to indicate correct personal and contact details. Then users can fund their trading accounts and trade binary options. There is only one condition of the broker - funds can be withdrawn only when the client confirms the data sent by email using the scanned documents.

Forex indicators (for binary options)

- AllPivotPoint

- MTrend Line Alert

- Super Trend

- Morning Flat

- Price Alert.

The bulk of Forex expert advisors were developed for the use on the trading platform Meta Trader 4. So, it will be problematic to use them on the trading platform for binary options if the broker does not offer special applications for them.

Binary options strategy

- Martingale is a strategy for binary options, which is often used by the novice traders. This is explained by the fact that the Martingale strategy does not require knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis. It is just necessary to make simple calculations while trading binary options. The trader should choose an asset for trading and determine the size of the lowest bet. Then users can start trading. As soon the transaction is closed with a loss, the trader has to increase the next bet. The increase in bets should occur exponentially. As soon as the transaction becomes profitable, the trader should make the lowest bet again.

- Hedging is a peculiar strategy that is used by some traders to trade binary options. According to this strategy, the trader should open the transactions using one of the assets in two directions simultaneously. As a result, one of the transactions will be closed with a profit. The second one will be closed with a loss. However this loss will be compensated for by the profitable transaction.

- Bollinger and AXD is a strategy for binary options that aims at following the trends. To determine the trend, their ends, and reversals, the trader may use Bollinger bands and AXD Forex indicator. They show the direction of trends, which can be efficiently used for binary options trading.

Unique features

TraderWorld offers traders a unique opportunity that allows them to receive the income from binary options without any risks. Such an opportunity is provided for the traders who will become participants of the affiliate program. The primary task of the partners is to refer new customers, who are ready to try their luck in binary options trading, to TraderWorld.

To refer new customers to the platform, partners will receive various marketing materials and tools from TraderWorld. Using them, the partners will be easily able to refer new customers to the platform.

TraderWorld ensures that its partners will receive monthly payouts, depending on the total trading volume of referred customers. Payouts will be regularly made if referred clients trade binary options.

Add/withdraw funds

Customers of TraderWorld may use the following methods to fund the accounts and withdraw funds from them: Maestro, Master Card, and Visa.


Customers of TraderWorld can contact the staff of the company to solve all kinds of problems that are directly related to the opening of trading accounts or binary options trading. Users may contact employees by e-mail [email protected], via online chat, by the international phone +357-250-30-657.

Cons and pros

+ the international binary options broker

+ a wide range of assets

+ various options for trading

+ numerous educational materials

+ deposit bonuses

+ risk-free transactions for new customers

- a few ways to fund a trading account.

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