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The trading platform UTrader was developed by the famous company SpotOption, and started its operations in 2011. It enables traders from different countries to trade different types of options, selecting the most attractive assets. The platform has over 80 assets, including products from the world's commodity exchanges, indices from the most famous and largest stock exchanges in the world, as well as shares of the world's largest companies and currency pairs.

The trading platform UTrader is the property of the Latvian company Day Dream Investments Ltd. The company is headquartered in Riga, and the trading platform is available in English, Latvian and Russian.

Traders can find on uTrader numerous educational materials on binary options trading, including print materials, video materials and E-books that will be interesting to traders with different levels of skills.

The attention is also paid to promotions of uTrader, which are regularly conducted, drawing big cash prizes, providing bonuses and holding exciting tournaments.


uTrader holds for its customers a variety of promotions, and they give traders a chance to win good money prizes or become owners of wonderful bonuses.

The promotion Welcome Bonus is designed, as it is clear from its name, for new customers of uTrader. In this promotion, all new customers who open trading accounts and fund them are able to receive a bonus that is immediately transferred by the broker to the account. Deposit bonus ranges from 50% to 150%. It depends on the sum that new client will transfer to his account.

Accrual of bonuses:

- deposit is from $300 to $1000 - bonus is up to 50%

- deposit is from $1,001 to $5,000 - bonus is up to 100%

- deposit is from $5,001 to $25,000 - bonus is up to 120%

- deposit is over $25,000 - bonus is up to 150%.

Bonus funds are credited to the account of the trader, as soon as he makes a deposit. They can be used in trading different types of binary options since their receipt. In addition to the fact that this bonus that can be used for options trading, traders can withdraw it from the account, but it is necessary to close a trade turnover on transactions, which is forty times higher than the sum of the bonus.

The promotion Risk-free Transaction is organized for new customers. It consists in compensating for losses in three transactions in the case of unprofitable results for the selected option. Traders need to make a deposit themselves after three transactions to get three risk-free transactions. As soon as this condition is met, they will be able to make three risk-free transactions, and if desired, they can trade using the entire initial deposit and the broker will return in any case money lost during trading.

The promotion Treasure Hunt is a tournament for traders, where a prize pool of $26,000 is drawn. The goal of the contest is to get the highest profit while trading binary options for the period of the promotion. As soon as the contest is over, the results are summarized, and five most successful contestants become owners of large cash prizes that will be transferred to their accounts by the broker.

Distribution of the contest prize pool:

- the 1st place - 10,000 dollars

- the 2nd place - 7,000 dollars

- the 3rd place - 5,000 dollars

- the 4th place - 3,000 dollars

- the 5th place - 1,000 dollars.

The promotion Trading Signals, as its name implies, allows traders to receive free trading signals. According to results of testing, profits from operations with these trading signals comprise 71%. Duration of subscription to the trading signals is limited.


A sufficient amount of educational materials are available for traders on the official website of uTrader. They will be interesting both to novice and experienced traders.

Educational materials about binary options trading.

1. For novice traders:

- introduction where binary options are discussed

- types of market analysis

- technical analysis

- fundamental analysis

- emotions and their direct influence on the results of options trading

- distribution of finances as a guarantee of success in options trading

- everything about binary options (video)

- global financial markets (video)

- main advantage of binary options trading (video)

- let's start calculating risks in binary options trading (video)

- basic rules of operations with binary options (video)

- competent distribution of possible risks in options trading (video)

- psychology of trading and binary options.

2. For advanced traders:

- basic technical analysis of the market

- in-depth technical analysis of the market

- the most efficient trading strategies for binary options

- rules for passive trading binary options (video)

- rules for aggressive trading binary options (video)

- basics of technical analysis (video)

- basics of fundamental analysis (video)

- what is trend and how to use it (video)

- how support and resistance are used for binary options trading (video)

- three white soldiers pattern (video)

- breakout pattern (video)

- harami pattern (video)

- downside gap three pattern (video)

- shooting star pattern (video)

- engulfing pattern (video).

3. Brief tutorial "How to Trade Options".

4. Guide for operations with the trading platform uTrader:

- introduction to the trading platform uTrader

- how to execute orders

- financial products

- one touch

- pairs

- ladder options.

It is possible to download two e-books on binary options trading on the site of uTrader: the first one is for beginners and it offers basic training, and the second one is for experienced traders and it provides more profound knowledge of trading.

Terms of trading

uTrader offers traders the following conditions of trading on the global financial market:

- financial tools: shares, commodities, currency pairs and indices

- types of binary options: classic, 60 seconds, one touch, pro trader, constructor

- web platform uTrader for options trading

- the minimum deposit is $250

- profit from a transaction is up to 85%

- insurance is provided for several types of accounts.

uTrader offers the following types of accounts to trade binary options:

- Start

- Silver

- Gold

- VIP.

Trading account Start:

- the minimum deposit is $300

- the maximum deposit is $1,000

- the first deposit bonus is up to 50%

- review of the market.

Trading account Silver:

- the minimum deposit is $1,001

- the maximum deposit is $5,000

- the first deposit bonus is up to 100%

- review of the market

- professional analyst is available.

Trading account Gold:

- the minimum deposit is $5,001

- the maximum deposit is $25,000

- the first deposit bonus is up to 120%

- review of the market

- professional analyst is available

- analysis of client's trading is available.

Trading account VIP:

- the minimum deposit is $25,001

- the maximum deposit is unlimited

- the first deposit bonus is up to 150%

- review of the market

- professional analyst is available

- analysis of client's trading is available.

Forex indicators (for binary options)

- Super Trend

- Morning Flat

- Price Alert

- AllPivotPoint

- MTrend Line Alert.

As far as is known, Forex indicators are intended to identify trends, pivot points, support and resistance levels, etc. All these indicators operate only on the trading platform Meta Trader 4, so traders can use them to analyze the market and then make transactions on binary options on the trading platform uTrader.

Binary options strategy

- Triple moving is a strategy that uses Japanese candlesticks and the Forex indicator Moving Average for market analysis, and they allow determining the beginning and the reversal of the trend, making it possible in the future to conduct profitable transactions on many types of binary options

- Bollinger and AXD, like the previous strategy, is considered to be quite an efficient one, because it gives the possibility to determine the beginning of the trend and its reversals allowing traders to make the right decisions while trading binary options

- in sideways trading is a strategy that is based on operations with a sideways trend, as it implies transactions at maximum and minimum points, which are identified by the popular technical indicators RSI and Stochastic.

Unique features

uTrader enables its traders to start making money on binary options with the help of an affiliate program that excludes any risk of losing money. The main goal of the affiliate programs is to invite new customers to uTrader. The affiliate program has several directions, and every trader can choose the most interesting direction.

Directions of the affiliate program:

- Revenue share allows partners to obtain a profit in the form of commission fees from turnover of referred customers, which ranges from 30% to 45%

- CPA is an opportunity to receive fixed profits from the broker for the first deposit of clients referred to uTrader

- Revenue share+ CPA is a combined version, where the interest is paid on the first deposit, and then monthly commission fees are credited from the trade turnover of referred customers.

Add/withdraw funds

The following methods can be used to fund accounts on uTrader: Master Card, Visa, Qiwi, Web Money and bank transfers.


uTrader provides its traders with the comprehensive support concerning all questions related to binary options trading via online chat, email [email protected] and by phone +7 (499) 703-3699.

Cons and pros

+ the fast-growing binary options trading

+ a wide range of various options for trading different financial tools

+ many learning materials

+ Forex deposit bonus

+ tournament for traders

+ trading signals.

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